As far as credit goes..... My Crediting goes out almost solely to communities based on free and unconditional help and collaboration. I can unfortunately not credit any particular teacher, mentor, professor or university associates as I really have not received any form of backing or support in my endeavours from these instances. I am as honest about this as I will be about my project.

Here are some communities and social institutions of a more (or less) informal character that indeed deserve praise:

Microsoft Visual Studio Community - Microsoft has a great environment for application development. It is now FREE for individual developers and small businesses. Even better it is compatible and configurable with most standards, protocols and languages out there. Visualzing code is an important step to understanding it when you indeed are designing "visuals".

Visual Paradigm - Visual Paradigm is a suite of UML- based diagram tools with the added generation possibilities for everything from class- diagrams to code for full-blown applications. It also does code reverse engineering.

SourceForge, for keeping me more than updated on programming trends and development.

I would also like to praise the people who did the original work on the Genr8 Autodesk Maya plug-in, and especially Martin Hemberg, for supplying the software and source code to those interested.

CGSociety.org - Society Of Digital Artists. Workshops, forums, learning, sharing and more.

Autodesk Developer Network for offering suitable memberships that encourage - rather than discourage - development and evolution.

Autodesk Area - News, downloads, forums, training, inspiration.....

Adobe forums for Flash and Dreamweaver are great places to get specific help with coding issues, and I am very appreciative of the extended help from these communities and for pointing me in the right direction on numerous occasions. I also have to mention Kirupa forums and actionscript.org as brilliant sources of info and hands-on help for actionscript. Register an account and get help with your coding.

For expert help in using MatLab , the Mathworks User Community offers great assistance

A program to have a look at is Imagix4D, an UML analysis and reverse engineering application.

Microsoft have produced a great piece of software in visual studio, and with the extension of the feature pack 2 the reverse engineering - and UML possibilities make it even better.

Beneath is a list of valuable applications for my personal web developing:

SPHIDER, a php search engine is a free site search - engine tool which can also index pdf and document- files, besides indexing all the text on your site. To be fair it is just one of many indexing tools, but it is made easily available and offers instructions where others don't.

Jquery is a lifesaver in certain situations - Thanks to Malihu for the Custom scrollbar plugin, which when implemented correctly, scrolls the contents of a "div" on your page. This also means thanking Brandon Aaron for the Mousewheel.js- script implemented in the above- mentioned piece of software.

More to follow...