The abbreviation ETB stands for Eivind Tandberg-Beltran, who is the sole creator of this site.

"Evolvedtools" is a common term I am using for computer-designed tools that can be used for generation and simulation of conceptual design projects, but can also be seen to be evolved designs themselves. I am a former architecture student and enthusiast computer programmer. I have a blog here that works as introduction for conceptual product design-, architectural design-, and general database design- projects.

This site is made by a designer with a past in graphic images and art, in addition to 25 years of programming. The site has been written in its entirety by ETB, and in addition several features have been programmed back end. Responsive design is sought in case of device type, browser, screen size, resolution and pixel size & ratio. In addition dynamic web pages are introduced where desirable. This is a continuous process, and as such, any contribution in the way of improvements in speed and efficiency for the site would be greatly appreciated. (Contact info). If site-content seems to render in an erroneous way on your device I would be most appreciative if you let me know. Most measurements are being sought translated from pixels to em variables, but there may still be quite a few instances where pixels are still used. Devices down to 320x480 pixel resolution screens should project web-pages sufficiently for simple viewing and reading. I have adopted a strategy on the site whereby simpler, static HTML pages are served for some mobile devices, whereas dynamic php content is reserved for most users. In addition to this media queries serve to further facilitate a proper experience.

I make use of some experimental features on this site which may or may not be optimal, but are necessary for certain future presentation purposes.

The HTML documents on this site have been successfully validated as HTML 4.01 Strict according to W3C specifications, but have been updated to the html5 document type along with updated markup and functionality. (More or) less advanced MySQL database queries are performed on these pages, through php. The reasons for this are integrating elements from increasing blogging activity, as examples, and for real-time exhibitory purposes. These pages also make use of WT( Web toolkit) with QT( cross-platform development) bindings, to showcase higly interactive content with a high degree of responsiveness for the web. The standards and implementation are subject to change.