The Project that has been the base of most endeavours on this site is the plug-in "Genr8" developed for Autodesk Maya, by students and teachers at MIT. The first version is one from 2001 and was updated in 2004. From 2011 it is beeing updated and extended somewhat, thereby the new name "Genr8 2011". In short this plug-in enables a user of Maya to grow surfaces according to L-Systems ( Lindenmayer. A. (1990) - The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants ), based on geometry present in the Maya scene they have made. This idea opens up for major exploration of the "design" - paradigm, that is on what level you are really designing, and also if that kind of "automated" design changes the paradigm or not. To exemplify and discuss I will focus here on the following :

- My analysis of the Genr8 plug-in for the purpose of exposing the intentions and possibilities.

- Projects using the plug-in

- Projects that converge with the Genr8 plug-in in process/method/Intentions. For the purpose of showing what has been done of significance.

More to follow....