A subjective and non - exhaustive list of Blogs and Articles will be linked from this site. These will be less formal publications on the subject of computer - generated software tools and the creative way in which they can be used. The left sidebar shows new feeds from my personal blogs which are currently hosted on Wordpress.

Design strategies - Making a Generative Design Tool. Wordpress blog describing the concept and definition of design.

Student Work: A record of Experiments done in Generative design, - by Ruwan, New Zealand.

Generative Design Is Changing the Face of Architecture - Article from Cadalyst website.

What is generative design - Wordpress blog by Sivam Krish

Genr8 is Great! - Archinect blogs - Steve Fuchs

Making The Mundane Cosmic: Meet Modular Designers Aranda\Lasch -The Creators Project - Kevin Holmes.

Eco-Sustainable Housing – Parametric Design - Project by: Federico Rossi

A Brief History of BIM / Michael S. Bergin - Arch daily - Vanessa Quirk.

Definitions: Parametric and Algorithmic Design - blog by Neil Leach

advanced parametric tools for sustainability in architecture - blog by Cesare Griffa.