Site Introduction
The purpose of this site was originally to make use of open source software for creative design- by- computer.
Nevertheless, it has developed into an information hub or library for my own specific projects. As such the site has its mission as justification and alibi for those projects.

Our emotional minds lack the raw computing power and bandwith of even the simplest calculators, and in the last 3 decades generally artists have really gotten their eyes open to the fact that the computer can also be used for generative purposes, searching the endless universes of possibilities. Do not make the mistake of thinking that this is just about number crunching. "The whole is more than the sum of its parts" - that is a way of describing emergence but it is also a way of contemplationg optimization and evolution of creative ideas. For a designer this could mean that there is no recipe that will produce the same output twice. I admit that this discussion has been ongoing for decades in computer science, but it has reemerged several times following the overwhelming advances seen in computer - technology in the last decades , and technology's move towards so- called artificial intelligence. I called it "so- called" intelligence, because it lacks moral and ethical considerations, and as such is not either sentient or has true pupose as defiend by humans.

It seems as though the design paradigm from the view of the artist is putting on a new meaning. No longer are we designing every detail by hand(mouse), but we are making tools that generate different output for every time we use them. By that I do not mean using the tool in different ways. Rather, the tool takes on new abilities as it reacts to different environments and the input of the user. The concept of emergent design has to deal with this , and in my opinion one also has to question THE design paradigm in itself, since the meaning of the word design can be seen to have shifted. What is design in this context? What is it that you are designing ? The object or rather the tool for designing?
This site therefore will now focus on emergent design aspects, some former architectural design concept and project as an example, and trading prognosis based on statistics, as well as product design.

There are a lot of different fields of expertise introduced through the main menu of this site. Common for all is the foundation they help build for the understanding of the eventual computer- evolved designs. If this is not appreciated, then the site in general will most likely seem confusing.

The front end of this site is HTML and PHP