What these web pages are really trying to convay is an alternative way of thinking about design projects, from conception to presentation. This alternative requires a lot of computer scripting and programming. The only way to do that commercially as an individual these days is through open source software.

The span of webdesign is not within the reach of most people, let alone something an architectural designer has time to master. Yet it is something you absolutely have to take into consideration for presenting, distributing, marketing, cataloging and developing your projects. So why would you leave it completely to someone else ?

What is represented here is one way of orienting through the code - jungle that is the web, seen through the eyes of a designer.

The internet can be viewed in terms of artistic concepts as both a curse and a blessing. It is notoriously difficult to get credit for anything that you produce and place on the internet, because there is so much free content. This holds true also for coding- and design concepts themselves. You can find anything you need for producing your own projects online, and other people will take what they want from you. That being said you have some specific challenges when presenting and representing Architectural design online because you have the perticular cases like scale to consider. When presenting concepts and finished designs people need to be able to grasp the "real" sizes that are involved. For printing perposes this is a doable task but when considering digital displaying and visual reproduction, real-time scaling of elements on different monitors and screens is a formidable task.

More to follow